SARS Registered Representative


SARS Registered Representative

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The Public Officer for a company is the company’s representative for SARS and the person who is responsible for all matters relating to SARS. From May 2021, SARS introduced tighter measures for companies interacting with SARS and now require all companies to have a Public Officer appointed to the company in order to access their services.

Why do I need one?
Without a Public Officer you will not be able to access any of the SARS services such as Tax Clearance, VAT Registration, Import and Export License application to name but a few.

Isn’t the Company Director the Public Officer?
Although company’s Public Officer is often a company Director, SARS still requires the person to formally accept that appointment. This is most likely to mitigate for people who may be appointed as Public Officer without their knowledge and then bear the responsibility for the company with the tax authority.

What does the Public Officer do?
The Public Officer carries out actions on behalf of the company which are then deemed to have done by the company. This can be anything such as applying for Tax Clearance for the company to VAT registration or applying for an Import and Export License.

How is the Public Officer appointed?
We apply to SARS on the Company’s behalf and require the person’s ID, a letter of consent and a proof of address document.


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