Import/Export Licence


Import/Export Licence

Get an Import/Export License number


Company or individual is required to have an import export license (also known as a customs code) to import or export cargo which is worth more than R50,000 or if you have made more than 3 imports or exports in a calendar year. It is also called a CNN code.

Why do I need it?
The CNN code or import/export license is needed as it is required to be presented to Customs in order to clear your goods.

Why is a combined Import and Export license better than just one service?
It is the same application, same requirements and same price to apply for both services in one application.

Does an Import/Export license expire?
No, it is a once off registration that does not need to be renewed, nor does it attract any further registration fees or annual dues.

What are the benefits of registering for SADC and EUR1?
If you are exporting goods to Europe or Southern Africa (SADC), we would recommend that you also register for a EUR1 or SADC certificates so that you can benefit from the import duty tax reductions and exemptions. You can apply for these registrations at the same time as your Import/Export license.

Is my Tax Registration Number also my Import/Export license number?
No, Your Tax number is your income tax registration number and different from an Import/Export license which needs to be applied for. An Import/Export license starts with CNN


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