CSD Registration


CSD Registration

Register your company on the CSD


CSD is the Central Suppliers Database and is usually a compulsory requirement for all government tenders.

In April 2016 National Treasury consolidated all government supplier information into a single database to establish a single database for up-to-date verified supplier information to be used by all government departments. It is verified information as all of the data provided is checked and verified with the respective government departments as well as your bank. Only once all of your data has been verified with CIPC, Home Affairs, SARS and your bank, will you obtain your CSD number. To date over 800k suppliers have been verified and therefore successfully registered on the CSD as government suppliers.

Why do I need it?
It is a base requirement for most tenders in South Africa; that is all government tenders and many corporate tenders.

Does it expire?
No it does not. It takes live data from other government databases so your Tax Clearance and CIPC changes will all be current on the system. It also checks that your banking details are correct.

What does the number look like?
A CSD number is also referred to as an MAAA number as all CSD registration numbers start with those 4 letters.


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