CIDB Registration Get a CIDB registration certificate


CIDB Registration

Get a CIDB registration certificate


CIDB is the Construction Industry Development Board. All public construction tenders can only be awarded to CIDB registered contractors. CIDB  regulates the Construction Industry.

Why do I need it?
Government regulations require all public construction tenders be awarded only to CIDB registered contactors.

How does it work?
The CIDB registration consists of 2 criteria; your business track record, which is represented by the grade 1 to 9 and construction sector which is selected from the predetermined list of class of works.

What is a Class of Work?
The class of works refers to the 20 different construction sectors ranging from civil and electrical work to general building. You can apply for as many classes as you like, but just bear in mind that each class registration costs R450.

What is the grading system?
The grading system works on the size of the contracts that you have had in the past, your financial and works capability and your capacity to perform projects so new businesses would register as a grade 1.

Your CIDB registration grade and class means that you are only certified to carry out work in the class in which you are registered and up to the maximum value of work permissible for that grade. You will therefore compete against contactors with the same grading which promotes fairness and transparency.

Does it expire?
Yes it does, it needs to be renewed every 3 years.


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