Trademark Registration


Trademark Registration

Register a trademark to protect your brand


How long does it take to register a trademark in South Africa?
It can take anything from six months to a year to register a trademark in South Africa.

Do you need a logo for a trademark?
You do not need a logo for a trademark. You can register a word, slogan or name as a trademark. If you have a logo you would like to register then Fast Biz Reg can design one for you. A trademark application is not just for logos. It is not compulsory to have a logo in order to apply for a trademark, this is your decision and you can decide on how you would like to protect your company be it just the name or slogan, or both.

Can a word be trademarked?
A word can be trademarked. A trademark can be a word, slogan, phrase or logo. You can also register these as one trademark application.  Even though the company is registered, it does not mean that someone can trademark a similar name to the already registered company. This can happen if the person is a sole proprietor; they will be using their name but then will create their own trade as name that they will try to trademark, if they submit this application before you then the chances are they will be approved. There is further legality that go into matters such as these. We always advise, rather be safe than sorry.

How do I trademark a word?
To trademark a word, the process will be the same. Any submission, be it a word, slogan or logo the application will be the same. You will apply for the word trademark application online and select the class that you would like the word trademark protected under.

Do you trademark or copyright a logo?
You do not copy right a logo, you will need to trademark a logo. The reason behind this is that copyrighting is to protect literary and artistic works. These would include videos and books etc. A Trademark is used to protect a company brand, slogan, name, or logo etc.

Should I trademark my business name?
You should trademark your business name after the company is registered through Fast Biz Reg. The name will be protected from another company registration but it will not be protected if someone tries to trade under your name, meaning they do not register their company with CIPC. They can try to submit a trademark application if you have not, and in most cases will be approved. The best way to protect your brand would be to register the company, then register the trademark which will include the name, slogan, logo etc.

How do I trademark a catch phrase?
You can trademark a catch phrase, which can also be referred to as a slogan. “Finger Lickin’ Good” from KFC is a good example.

How long does a trademark last?
A trademark will last ten years. After the 10 years passes, you can apply to renew your trademark.

Can I use the TM symbol without registering?
You cannot use the TM symbol without registering.

What are the three types of trademarks?
Word mark, logo or slogan.


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