Everything you need to start an official company and keep compliant

Company Registration

Everything you need to start an official company

Annual Returns

Calculate and file your CIPC annual returns online

Company Directors Change

Add, remove or update your company directors

Company Address Change

Change your registered company address

Company Name Change

Change your registered company name

Trademark Registration

Register a trademark to protect your brand

Tax Clearance Certificate (Pin)

A certificate to show your company tax status

Import/Export Licence

Get an Import/Export License number

VAT Registration

Get a company VAT registration number

PAYE Registration

Register your company for PAYE

UIF Registration

Register your company for UIF

Company Tax Returns

File your company tax returns at SARS

SARS Registered Representative

Add/Update Your SARS Registered Representative.

COID Registration

Get a COID registration certificate

Letter of Good Standing

Get a letter of good standing from the COID

Renew Letter of Good Standing

Renew your letter of good standing

CIDB Registration

Get a CIDB registration certificate

CSD Registration

Register your company on the CSD

B-BBEE Affidavit

Check your level and get a B-BBEE affidavit

Business Bank Account

Open a bank account for your business

Invoice Template

Send professional invoices to customers

Company Profile/Biz Plan

Get a company profile for your business

.co.za Domain Registration 

Get domain and email  for your busines

Website Design

Look processional online and your biz visible 

Email Registration 

Get a professional email  for your business

Virtual Landline Number 

Landline Number for any Area Code in SA

Logo Design 

Get a logo that’s fit for your brand 

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